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working from home is good.

you know how sometimes people like to make baseless negative assumptions..
like how people who wear glasses can’t afford to get contacts or lasik
or how how all slender girls have eating disorders

so one of which is, working from home means that your label isn’t doing that great.
year after year, during some must-go-to-very-mundane-gatherings, i have to entertain stupid comments like “oh, you mean you are still working from home after all these years?”
while i snigger away privately as i pocket the $4000++ rental i would have spent on rent.

money aside, here are 10 great things about working from home:
taken from apartment therapy

1. Taking a Bath at Lunchtime (or a dip in the pool!)
2. Raiding the Fridge whenever I want (heck, i can work right beside the fridge if i want to)
3. Being able to hit up Trader Joes or Target in the middle of the day (mid-day shopping and movie dates! when i’m not so busy of course….)
4. Working in Pajamas (i can’t work in my pajamas, don’t ask why, i have to shower and at least wear something decently good enough for me to step out of the house the very next minute, so i’ve never done this before…)
5. Not commuting anywhere, especially in the rain (yes!)
6. Making lunch at home and being able to put a roast in the oven in time to eat before 10pm
(i can make my spicy korean noodles, kimchi, and roast pork for lunch!)
7. Making a mid day Yoga class (i don’t yoga, but i do plenty of late-lunch dates!)
8. Getting to be alone for the day in semi stillness and not coming home ragged and exhausted (i can choose to stop work at 4pm and resume at 12 midnight… muahahaha)
9. Getting to play whatever music I want (as loud as i want to! that is, unless my part-timers and interns are right beside me and i have to “behave” like a “boss” :p)
10. Getting to hang out with my kitty (anyone or anything i choose to!)

so much for short breather… back to my busy-ness…


3 thoughts on “working from home is good.”

  1. >That’s odd, because over here if you work from home on your business it prob means you’re doing something good in your money-making!Different cultures, I guess!

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