snippets of my life

broken records

i have broken a few records than i usually would have, since the beginning of this year (about 4 months)…

1 – haven’t watched the telly for almost 3 months straight (last record was only 5 weeks).
2 – haven’t been socializing regularly online for almost 3 months (last record was 1.5 months).
3 – have had to go out every single day for more than 2 months straight. not 1 day was spent indoors/home.
4 – credit cards refused to be charged even when i have funds to make payment. it was totally retarded when i had to withdraw a 4-digit sum of cash in $50s to pay for a furniture. i guess they were freaked out by my unusually high number of buys and total amounts charged in such a short period….
5 – busted my mobile phone bill for the very first time since i have been out and about, and had to use it for international calls and checking work online….
6 – haven’t replied to personal emails for more than a month (unless that person poked me personally about it again)
7 – might have offended a few people because of no.6
8 – does not have time to care about no.7, for now…
9 – spaces out more than usual. my drinking buddies have decided i am getting too boring to hang out with, because i just space out.
10 – just wants to go and sleep. i almost never “just want to go and sleep”. but i do now.

we had a fantabulous fashbash last sat!! thanks to all our friends and regulars and so many other sweet peeps!!! it didn’t look so good at first, what with the 35ºc heat index, and the late fashbash phenomenal queue etc. but it all turned out better than expected anyways in the end! 😀 will just be uploading some pictures to our flickr and facebook pages later… too much to type and too busy to do so!!

ciao for now! muacks!


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