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our starry rainbow pouch in a hollywood movie?

so, last month, harlan films called us from the united states, requesting for permission to use our starry rainbow pouch as a prop/set dressing for their upcoming motion picture, greenberg

it’s going to be florence’s (greta gerwig) pouch, going to be totally her style.
do i read ben stiller in the release form?? scott rudin?? that’s insane!!!

i didn’t know they even request for permission for such small matters. they must need to send a bazillion requests out for every of such movie made.

it was really insane, for like, 2 hours or so.
died down once i received the formal request letter and faxed over the signed release form.

so, i know, it’s just going to be 1 tiny weeny pouch in a gargantuan movie set.
friends who knew about it promised they’ll squint to find the pouch once the movie is out, if it’s going to be included in any frames for that matter.



but still 🙂

so i had clean forgotten about it, what with all the truckload of work and my personal hoo-hah, until i read an email from meredith this evening, about her nephew working as a crew on the set of greenberg.

!!! insane!


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