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the shoppe is still updated at least once weekly, littleoddforest’s facebook pages are still updated every other few days (or at least once weekly!), and every now then, if my attention span permits, i tweet updates and nonsense. these are just so much easier than blogging!! ha! you don’t know what you’re missing out if you’re a littleoddforest shopper because i have started giving out quick updates and specials via those! 😉 so anyhoo… too much going on as usual, exploding brain matter, brain pulp squeezed popped and sucked dry. i wouldn’t even have the chance nor time nor inspiration to post this up if not for the gloomy weather that just ruined my plans to recuperate my creative juices at the pool. so… enough talk. some work in progress pics posted up in my flickr recently….

i might start using my own fabric designs for littleoddforest goods soon!! might. maybe. soon.

new 2010 collections in the works….

oh, and i somehow knew taking a picture of this will come in handy. i had to resort to doing plenty of this recently….
Verner Panton

and some new designs in the shoppe! if you’ve been out of the loop ;p
The Enchantress

hoot the owl bag

a nice big hoot.

and that’s me with my normal relaxed facial muscles, the look that is so often misunderstood to be gangsta and fierce and haughty. like i have to be repeatedly reminded 3 times since last week. ha!! okie doke! i’m done with my kill all birds with one stone post! woooppee!! t.g.i.f!! happy weekend folks!! *muacks!


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