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LOF @ Isetan Scotts!

LOF @ Isetan Scotts


LOF has once again been invited to Isetan Scotts!
So it’s time for us to come out and play again, a special 2 weeks only outing for us!
We have a date with YOU, our dearest Singapore friends!
Head on down to our little corner of LOF goodness!
We will be super stoked to see you there!

isetan scotts
350 orchard road, shaw house
level 1, bags dept.
10am to 9.30pm daily

new combinations/fabrics from our latest collection!
very limited pieces have been specially whipped up for this event!
so don’t miss ‘out!

one-of-a-kind pieces!

our VIFF customers!
you may use your exclusive VIFF online membership 10% discount there in person!
exclusively at Isetan Scotts!

more than 30% off!
selected designs from past collections / discontinued designs!

I will be restocking every other day, so this gives
you reason to pop by whenever and as much as
you can! Come say “HIYA!” if you spot me there,
or our friendly sales gal!

Yes, we always relish fresh new experiences!
And, NO! We haven’t sold our souls to the mass
commercial world of departmental stores! Never
say never, I always say! We wll once again be
trying our best to spread the love for quirky
colorful handmade, fair trade goodness to the
departmental store shoppers this holiday gift-
giving season! Hurrah!

Any questions you may have, feel free to get in
touch! If there are any designs in particular that
you would like to see there, feel free to drop me
a note too! I can’t promise you anything with my
crazy schedule, but I promise I’ll try to see what I
can do! Otherwise, we’ll catcha there, sweeties!!!

your littleoddforest mistress,

♥ pssstt!!!
OFFER until 16 DEC!

♥ pssstt psssttt!!!
LOF purchases made at Isetan Scotts will be
eligible for your VIFF membership! Bug our LOF
gal about it if she forgets! Just be sure to leave
us your name, email and mobile number when
making your purchase there! Details on how to
become our VIFF are posted in both LOF Group
and Fan pages

♥ pssstt psssttt ppsssstt!!!
there will be a one-of-a-kind limited edition pouch
gifted for every 1-receipt purchase above $300.
*very limited pieces only! whilst stocks last!


5 thoughts on “LOF @ Isetan Scotts!”

  1. >hi lynda,i hvn't pop by for a loooong time! hw's things going? juz want to check whether your padded cozies will be at Isetan Scotts too? i'm thinking of getting a hp pouch for my sony ericsson walkman phone since i lost the birdie ipod pouch recently. and do i hv to physically bring along the VIFF card? (btw, if u see a Ted Li on facebook, dat's me!) ^o^

  2. >heya li li!how have you been?? it's been a REALLY really long time!! hope you are all well and healthy,The padded cozies will not be at Isetan.. so sorry about that! you can get them from the website, but you have to be quick, because there are only a couple of pieces left in stock.Adding you in facebook now! ;)xoxo!!

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