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Print & Pattern Book!

i am super excited and extremely honored, to say the least, to have my work { littleoddforest } featured in the print & pattern book, by pattern design guru curator, bowie style! especially along with so many other talented designers – all 119 of them! you will know the most famous ones, like orla kiely, cath kidston, and jill bliss, but it’s a great mix of big and small, with lesser known artists, such as myself! lynda lye! – with a little of our bio and background information. how fun!!! 😀 and such an honor to also be alongside some of the artists whose work i love, like ana ventura, caroline pratt, helen dardik, and marilyn patrizio! and a few other designers whose work i have just discovered and fallen in love with, such as silkie lloyd, scott rhodes, and patapri, thanks to this book!

i have already ordered a few copies a couple of months ago (the book was launched in march this year 2010), and gifted them to some people whom i know would appreciate it. hee… you know who you are! you can get yours here! –
or a kinokuniya if you have one near you!

you do not have to be a designer to appreciate this book, this book is for all who love design, if you are seeking inspiration, or just wanting to have a big dose of design goodness!

Print & Pattern by Bowie Style

Print & Pattern - Lynda Lye

Print & Pattern - Lynda Lye

i have been anxiously waiting for this book to be published and launched, ever since 2 years ago, when london-based designer, marie perkins (i did not know that bowie was her online pseudonym until last year!! gosh!), from the very famous pattern design blog – – emailed me to ask for some product shots and write-ups. it has been 2 years since! if you read my info in the book, it says i’ve been doing this for the past 4 years, but it will actually be my 6th year chugging along with my baby, littleoddforest, this year 2010!

bowie scours the world for all good things, design and pattern related, as can be testified by her blog full of visual deliciousness! this print & pattern book is basically a compilation of current designers whom she had most probably previously featured/mentioned in her blog, who work with graphics, surface design, patterns, illustrations and etc., and translate them onto actual products like stationary, textiles and the like.

bowie has been really generously supportive of my work – littleoddforest has been previously featured in her print & pattern blog, and she has also very kindly helped me with some questions i had about expanding my line abroad, when i emailed her asking for any input she might have for me.

thank you so much!! 😀


2 thoughts on “Print & Pattern Book!”

  1. >Congratulations! I think it´s huge, being in that book, together with all those great artists. It´s been a long time since i last came to your blog, but i follow your doings via flickr and tweeter, though i´m bad at leaving comments: too lazy!Like i said: congratulations!!!

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