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i miss the happy birds…

very cool stamps by my little odd forest
very cool stamps, a photo by my little odd forest on Flickr.

i confess. i have no love for birds. at least, for those here in Singapore. they never sing. they don’t do cute little chirps either. at most, they give off boring single note chirps. chirp chirp chirp. they make loud annoying noises and steal the cat food we leave out for stray cats in our neighborhood. and they crap all over on our corridor and ledge. well, fine. these happy birds i love, they crap all over too, i suppose.

i love ‘fake’ birds. birds on print. birds in design. birdy stickers. bird plush toys. bird drawings. birds anything. and that chicken on the dinner table. just not the real live ones. the last time i visited the Jurong Bird Park was 16 years ago, and i have no plans to visit it anytime soon.

but then, i discovered the happy birds of eastern europe. i have not noticed them before. they did not seem to be abundant everywhere else, in all the cities i have lived in and been to. but they were everywhere we went to in eastern europe. i miss the happy birds we met in the gorgeous Czech Republic, beautiful Budapest and our favorite Land Salzburg. they were everywhere, these happy birds. singing happily and melodiously in their sweet voices.

i’m sketching out something new that is bird-related. and it made me think of and miss the happy birds….


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