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See you at Public Garden, at the National Museum again! This weekend!



YES! littleoddforest will be going out to Public Garden at The National Museum once again! We had so much fun at the museum last month at Public Garden so I could not resist when told it was going to be held there for a second time.

We might not be back for at least a while, SO if you are in Singapore, do hop on down to The National Museum, and come join us for some fun indie shopping !

Of course, do expect both new design launches & selected sale pieces from us! Myself and my little crew of worker fairies & gnomes have been very very busy with production of our new goods and design series, so MORE SPACE has to be cleared out in my tiny home studio & workshop, and MORE SAMPLES & PROTOTYPES will have to go too !

Hope to catch you all there ♥ COME SAY HELLO!


For those who aren’t able to make it to Public Garden this weekend, especially our friends outside of Singapore, don’t forget about our FREE SHIP WORLDWIDE special until 31 MARCH!
Enter code at checkout : MARCHMAYHEM


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