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Instead of the 12 Days Of Christmas, we have decided to do a { 12 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY SPECIAL } at littleoddforest’s facebook page (, making this our 2nd giveaway ever!

Starting this FRIDAY 13 DEC, we will be giving away 12 DIFFERENT ITEMS to 12 LUCKY PEOPLE! Photos of the 12 items will be up shortly!

This is to THANK YOU ALL for shopping at littleoddforest during this festive shopping and gifting season! We are feeling especially generous because we are super grateful for all your love and awesome support for littleoddforest, our designs, and what we do! You know YOU or SOMEONE YOU LOVE will want to win these goodies! THANK YOU for making this such a fabulously crazy busy holiday season for us!!

Stay tuned at our facebook page and over here at our hardly-updated blog (ooppss!!!) as details will be posted shortly!


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