i design stuff, make stuff, and love all good designs. i’m a lifestyle accessories and stuff designer! i am crazy about all things oddly cute and out-of-the-ordinary, and am blissfully assisted by my LOF fairies and elves. we LOVE what we’re doing and want you to love what we do too!

my interests include :

creative artistic endeavours, design, fashion, furniture, interior decor, handmade, fabrics, prints, anime, films, laughing aloud a lot, being happy, the great outdoors, being hyper, music, reading, bootie-shaking, traveling, human behavior, being passionate about life, good company-food-drinks, getting rich doing what i love to do, castles, cats, car trips, nice smells, cuddling, shoes, watches, bikinis, all things cutely horrifyingly strange, beach, ferris wheels, the zoo, living beyond 98 years old, dreams, noodles, child-like behavior, sarcasm, lego, barbie/doll-mutilation.

i watch :

too little TV. Dark children’s fantasy movies, good vampire/werewolves movies, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Studio Ghibli/ Tim Burton/ Luc Besson’s stuff, Lars & The Real Girl, Death At A Funeral, Inglorious Bastards, Transformers, Tenacious D, 11:14, The Hunting Party, Wall-e, Banlieue 13, LOTR Trilogy, Howl’s Moving Castle, Pan’s Labryinth, Chronicles of Narnia, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, The Hangover, Harold And Kumar, Hotel Rwanda, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow, Spiderman, Mulholland Drive, Being John Malkovich, Requiem for a Dream, Spirited Away, The Cat’s Return, Harry Potter Series, Billy Elliot, Punch Drunk Love, Matrix I, Eating Air, Ghost in the Shell, Dark City, Amelie, 28 Days Later, American History X… too many to list.

i listen to :

anything that gets ma booty shakin’ and head bobbin’, most drum & bass, some lounge, jazz, bosanova, house, some dance, hiphop, rock, grunge, 80s, 90s, happy music (??)

i read :

the news, all good design books/mags, most fantasy/ imaginative/ weird/ funny books, Marjane Satrapi, Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster, Paul Smith: You Can Find Inspiration in Everything – (And If You Can’t, Look Again), Angela Carter’s Book Of Fairy Tales, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Memoirs Of A Geisha, LOTR, Terry Brooks, Dean Koontz, Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, Harry Potter, C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, interesting business-related books.



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