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Feedback Type : About that item

Name : Rachel
Email : Tham
Time of Msg: 8/19/2007 2:37:38 PM

I”m interested in a particular bag but just a step too late in placing order. Currently the item is sold out.. *sobz sobz* wouild like to know if sold out items will return.


hi Rachel! you didn’t leave us your email address! if in case you are reading this~
we’ll need to know which ‘sold out’ item you’re referring to, and then we can let you know if it will be re-stocked or not, and if yes, when it will be. thanks for your email!

we had a fantabulous time at fashbash! but more of that later okie dokie?
we’re now working hard on replying all emails this whole week, so please bear with us!! thanks tons!!


1 thought on “customer email”

  1. >I just spent my whole day browsing your entire website, even I can’t believe it! I really LOVE reading all your descriptions!! It’s almost like reading a fantastic fairytale story. YOu SO have to write a book, if not now, SOMEDAY! Soon!!

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